Town Brewery's Celtic Frost Stout and A Thousand Words Pilsner - review by James Williams

By James Williams
Guest Writer

Town Brewery, located at 1632 Charles St in Whitby, is well known within the craft beer scene for their strong desire to innovate and build upon the standard recipe with interesting combinations. This time they have done it with the ‘Celtic Frost’. A new stout that adds spearmint to deep chocolate and coffee flavours.

The first time I tried the ‘Celtic Frost’ I was shocked by the initial impact of the spearmint hit me as I finished the taste. It was intense but not in an overpowering way. The finish of the stout was clean and the spearmint at the end really brought every taste to a nice finisher preparing you for the next. I had to try it again and see how the taste measured up again. The second round created a more subtle hint of spearmint. The finish was still as clean, yet the punch was not as intense. This is a stout to try, however it may not be for everyone and is not likely going to be a multiple glass in one sitting kind of beer.

To follow in the steps of the innovation Town Brewery released a new beer that was their first ever Pilsner. ‘A Thousand Words Pilsner’ is a mid-light beer with hints of honey. It differentiates itself by having hops added to the traditional pilsner recipe. Personally, I am not a fan of the traditional pilsner like Steam Whistle or the Brock St Bohemian Pilsner but very much enjoyed ‘A Thousand Words’, and look forward to the next time I am at Town Brewery so I can have it again.

James Williams has been following the craft beer scene in Whitby since 2014. He is always on the hunt for new beers and breweries to explore in this ever-growing community.